Why Sia’s “Courage to Change” song is my new anthem

We’re not alone in all this

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Meanwhile, because the coronavirus promotes isolation above all else, It’s much easier to avoid than to confront.

I am constantly indulging in avoidance tactics that — if I don’t schedule an unavoidable work activity or dredge up a modicum of energy–– consume the entire day. I chase stories on multiple platforms, I micro-organize things, I journal incessantly. In my restlessness, I can easily fritter away hours.

I. Frickin. Love. That. Song.

Every time I find myself slumping back into sadness and procrastination, I have devised a ritual: I stick Airpods into my ears, locate the song on my iPhone, crank up the volume, and get moving. I do arm stretches, neck and shoulder rolls, leg lifts, a few easy yoga poses, heft my 10-pound barbell up and down a few times, and if I’m feeling inspired, dance around.

It’s a cliché to say that we need each other, but heck yeah, we absolutely totally need each other. Especially now.

The moments I’ve felt anything other than persistently depressed and helpless are the moments when I see, hear, read, or interact with good people.

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Ethnoecologist and #VanLife Coach exploring humanity, the natural world, and multispecies relationships. More at http://jeaninepfeiffer.com

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