Hello Kerry & all my Single-Women-in-Our-Fifties Cohort:

I’ve written quite a bit about what it’s like to try and date online as a fifty-something woman. I tried to be as fair and objective as I could be.

The principles (and lessons: some tongue-in-cheek, some rather agonizing) I wrote about apply both to on-line and in-person dating.

Here they are, in the order I learned the lessons (and I’d love to hear how other peoples’ experiences map onto my own).

  1. “Navigating Tinder: the First 200 Likes” https://medium.com/@jeaninepfeiffer/navigating-tinder-the-first-200-likes-deb29746e1e
  2. “1001 Tinder Likes: Now what?” https://medium.com/@jeaninepfeiffer/1001-tinder-likes-now-what-3411651f5e44
  3. “Think You’re Ready to Date? Let’s Go Fishing!” https://medium.com/@jeaninepfeiffer/think-youre-ready-to-date-let-s-go-fishing-71f481df951d

4. “Love Letter to a Good Man” https://medium.com/@jeaninepfeiffer/a-love-letter-to-a-good-man-43a52f769dad

Written by

Ethnoecologist and #VanLife Coach exploring humanity, the natural world, and multispecies relationships. More at http://jeaninepfeiffer.com

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