Despite the years of agony it brought me, I kept trying to dialogue with Trump supporters. All they offered in return was willful ignorance, denial, anger, and contempt. Toxic selfishness. I see now that once the heart is corrupted with hate, and the mind railroaded into cultish beliefs, it is incredibly difficult to reverse course.

I lived one-third of my life under the dictatorship of Suharto in Indonesia. I witnessed how his cronyism, greed, and disdain for Indonesian citizens crippled an otherwise rich and capable nation.

We will continue to pay a terrible price here in the USA, as will our extended human family throughout the globe: because the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and climate change — two crises exacerbated by the Trump administration and their adherents— are far-reaching, long-lasting, and irrepressible in the face of inaction.

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Ethnoecologist and #VanLife Coach exploring humanity, the natural world, and multispecies relationships. More at

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