…and to be more adept at dealing with uncertainty, it helps to develop these practices, which will heighten your resiliency.

  1. Deep reflectiveness. (Achieved by putting down the electronics and spending time in meaningful thought — while talking over things with friends, journaling, slowly drinking a cup of tea or coffee, drawing/doodling, exercising/stretching, meditating, etc.)
  2. Job resiliency. (Cultivate multiple income streams, even if they seem small or insignificant at first. If you feed them, they will grow. With 6–8 job sources, even if 2–4 tank, you still have money coming in.)
  3. Fiscal prudence. (Enhance your ability to track expenses, pre-budget costs, sock away money whenever possible and pay for things with cash-on-hand so that you are never caught short again.)
  4. Cultivating social capital. (Good friends and solid relationships are invaluable. These are the people who faithfully show up with helping hands when needed. Be that friend and demonstrably show your appreciation for others who do the same.)
  5. Reading smarter. (Seeking out news, essays, poems that open our eyes and evolve our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.)

These five practices help develop our intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and fiscal intelligence — all part of strengthening and expanding our resilience, which is the key to coping with uncertainties.

Written by

Ethnoecologist and #VanLife Coach exploring humanity, the natural world, and multispecies relationships. More at http://jeaninepfeiffer.com

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